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Homebase (HHGL) is a British home improvement retailer and garden centre with stores across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Founded by Sainsbury's and GB-Inno-BM in 1979, the company was owned by Home Retail Group from October 2006, until it was sold to the Australian conglomerate Wesfarmers in January 2016.

Wesfarmers' management was not a success, and in August 2018, the business was sold to restructuring firm Hilco for £1. Subsequently, Hilco announced that it would close 42 stores of Homebase, and cut 1,500 jobs through a company voluntary arrangement, in an attempt to get the chain back to profitability. By February 2020, Homebase had 164 outlets, and was again profitable.

This is what an unhappy customer posted on social media about Homebase (HHGL), ¨Would give zero stars if I could Would give zero stars if it was an option. Shambles, and their customer service is appalling. Ordered a garden table and chairs set. Delivered with a chair missing. They wouldn’t send me the missing chair but said I had to return the table and 5 chairs, and they would replace it with a table and 6 chairs. Crazy. Eventually After many emails taking a long time (btw you can’t get through on the phone to customer services) they offered some money for the missing chair but wouldn’t tell me if I could buy a single chair or how much it would cost. Not received the money yet! Stay clear of their online orders, stay clear of Homebase.¨


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"Not much chance of progression"

Front end Team leader / Duty Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terribly managed. Do not follow Disciplinary disciplinary procedures. Treats members of staff differently depending on if management like them or not. No staff support unless you know the right people. Awful company"

Team member (Former Employee) says

"Store badly run. Training in all aspects were incomplete due to staff shortage. Managers clicked yes for all online training even if it had not been done sometimes. Constant feeling of dread as job became more about surviving the day rather than efficient running.Team members were good companyDo not get payed on lunch break"

temporary sales assistance during the Christmas (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't recommend homebase to anyone my time working there was not enjoyable and on top of that I was getting underpaid for half the time I was there and they lie about it."

Supervisor PBK - Showroom CAD Designer (Former Employee) says

"No training for job role, no work structure, health and safety ignored, you try to be self motivated and get told off for not doing what they want you to do, when they havent told you what they want you to do.. just ridiculous"

Private Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Unforgettable experience which I do not what to come back again. The Arabic people had no consideration to their employees, as a private they treat me as a maid to their home that cares to their mother which is sick. other that I still work to their house as a domestic helper."

Team Member - Part Time (Former Employee) says

"Look elsewhere for good employment, can't say anymore as legal action pending against them, you would have to work therte to experience the same as me"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The staff you work with are amazing ...great friends and characters Everything else is dreadful, management especially, no advancement, no benefits minimum wage salary"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"This has always been a very poorly ran company with low customer/employee values. I went through 3 separate redundancy processes with this company and each time they got it totally wrong."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Compared to other jobs Iv now worked for, homebase was the one company that I felt was unethical and a horrible place to work. As a student I have felt loved and happy working in other jobs but after being loyal to homebase for years I just never felt happy about going to work. In the end I realised that the company has no care for its employees what so ever. Instead of motivating it’s employees as a business I felt homebase demotivated is in all areas of life."

service Support (Current Employee) says

"I no longer enjoy my role, i want to work in a different industry where i know i can succeed and progress and work my way up the ladder. I want to be happy in my job and right now im not.It's a job.Poor wage, not enough hours, not a great company to work for."

Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"HB has got to be the worst company I’ve ever had the misfortune to work for. Awful systems, ridiculous pointless tasks, poor quality products and that’s their strong points. Never work for this company EVER.NobeEverything"

Department Manager (Former Employee) says

"They might as well have just closed Run the staff into the ground Made everyone on edge because the deputy was a cow 24/7 Better progression as a cadaverNoneSold for a quid"

shop floor Manager, the job covered a lot of areas (Former Employee) says

"Worst retailer I’ve worked for, was in charge of the shop floor. Bully from senior staff not stopped, poor work life balance. Find a better place to work!!!NopeRubbish money, little training, no advancement."

Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"I don’t think I need to say anything just look at the stars I have given, it’s a terrible place to work with no direction, leadership or any sort of ideal world of a normal retail shop, there’s times I’m on my own and I’m running the show on my ownNoneEverything"

Designer (Current Employee) says

"In your contract your duties may be to only cover few areas, however you are forced to take over extra roles, 1 person working 3 roles at once and the moment you slip up, management will threaten you with disciplinary if you cannot keep up what is expected of you. Collective issues are not addressed despite being raised, regional management will brush it off with words that indicate they are aware of the issues but do not care it's happening. In short, no support from management, you are overloaded and expected to keep up, if you don't, you are threatened. They speak positive words of encouragement in meetings but are all talk no action.N/aManagement - Work Culture - No Support"

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"Absolutely appalling , dont deserve to have high paying jobs when thye dont know what they are doing. Joined there thinking it would be learning experience. Did teach me how not to run a business.Good, hard working and knowledgable people working in storesno respect, take advantage"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"On a scale of 0-10, this company is definitely a zero. Management have no idea what they're doing. Staff running around doing a job that management are getting paid £35k+ a year for just for a measly £8.20 an hour?..Company is going bust."

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"It is horrible place to work in the past two years. Before Bunnings bought them, Homebase was much better. The management have no idea what they are doing and if they don't like you they will bully you until you leave that's why around 40-50 people left in a year! The management do nothing about harassment claims! The store manager is a bully and I would advise you all to not work in Homebase Hanworth.Staff DiscountLow pay, no career progression"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Struggling business where you have to work three peoples role, no organisation you dont know what role you will be doin the next day, you wont know the hours you will be working until the day before.NoneLong hours, no bonus, rota a week at a time"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The work was constant, the same thing everyday, nothing seemed to change. they always felt like they were judging you by the height, age and gender for the roles you did, like some smaller females wasn't allowed to help customers with their shopping to the car. wasn't allowed to restock paint shelves because they were to heavy. whereas the bigger females were allowed to do pretty much do everything a male could.good employeesrude"

Truro says

"1 Start is to many 😡 collected a chair , which was ordered via click and collect option. The box it came was to big to fit in the car, Took the chair which was wrapped, from the box, the assistant said the legs are situated underneath the base cloth. Left the chair in the car, over night, while the paint was drying, in the room, where the chair was going to fit. Yesterday took the chair into the room, and guess what, no legs the base cloth is stapled . Ring my local branch where I collected form, two hours tried ringing No one picked the phone up. Ring head office , advise that legs are under the base cloth , NO THEY ARE NOT 😡😡😡"

Nazik Hydyrova says

"When I first scheduled a delivery for my purchased item, I made sure to give all of my details and full address, but the delivery team claimed to not have my full adress! They have failed to deliver my item on their first attempt and so I had to book a delivery once again. It was meant to initially come on 8th January, but due to the aforementioned issue, my new scheduled delivery was for 13th January. Once again though, I had the same issue with them not having my full address. On the second occasion, I did my best to describe where to go via a phone call. But, the delivery man began to get frustrated and told me to go outside and look for him. I did so and realised that he was not even on the right street. In addition to this, he started swearing profusely. This delivery was for my mother, who is not in the best possible state to be dealing with this, due to her health, making me glad I was there to intervene. The delivery man threatened to give up, stating proudly that he ‘doesn’t give a f***’ and that he will leave if I did not come out and look for him. When I found him in an obviously different area, him and his colleague proceeded to lie to me with excuses about ‘how they couldnt find the area’. To make matters worse... ...the item was damaged. It makes me wish that I didn’t order this item in question. It’s disappointing. Really disappointing. Left with a broken item and extemely poor service, it would be natural for anybody to be disappointed. Did I pay £262 to be left with a broken item and sworn at due to somebody else’s mistake? The more interesting question is whether I will have the same experience when trying to get my refund or exchange."

Dave King says

"Easy to order and collect. Unfortunately one of the packs of mosiac tiles I ordered has tiles missing from back sheet. Will have t make another journey to return"

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